Friday, July 10, 2009


Between my two children right now, there's a total of four missing teeth. In a fit of sisterly love, Katelyn "lovingly" knocked one of Hunter's top front teeth loose. He subsequently pulled it over dinner at Tumbleweed and made me lose my appetite in record time. (Interesting tidbit: I'm a nurse, but could never be a dentist... mouths and teeth disgust me and the thought gives me full body shivers.) Anyway, Hunter will remain toothless for another two years, maybe three if we're lucky. Fingers crossed on that... right? Who doesn't want the kindergarten through second grade pictures to feature a big, gaping hole in their child's smile?Katelyn, on the other hand, has lost her teeth the natural way. Unfortunately for the tooth fairy, she has lost three of them in the past week and a half. I think the trouble began when she lost the first one and the silly, silly tooth fairy gave in to her demand for $20. Since then, the price has decreased to $5 because, let's face it, the tooth fairy's little Coach purse is empty and sometimes she has to steal a little somethin' from Mr. Tooth Fairy's wallet. If it weren't for the fact that she cried after the last one came out and claimed that she "looked ridiculous", I'd swear she was doing it on purpose. Would it be so wrong if the tooth fairy simply left a note under her pillow that said "What the hell, kid? No money for you. Thanks for playing."?
Poor thing. She doesn't look ridiculous.
I really should go to bed. I've worked the past three nights and now I'm off for the weekend. I like to try to keep chugging right along and stay awake after my last night of the week but I rarely make it all day. I'm vascillating back and forth on whether I should humor my sociology professor and take part in the "Getting to know your classmates" discussion board. I hate that kind of thing. Every fiber of my being wants to type up a note that says 'I'm Amanda and I honestly don't give a crap who anyone else is. I'm just here to get an 'A' and move on. Peace.' I know, I know... that's the stand-offish (and apparently egotistical) Liles in me. I can't help it.
That's all... I think I'm going to have some Cocoa Puffs and watch Spongebob before I go to bed. Here's to hoping Patrick puts all the laundry away while I snooze. :-)

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  1. 20 dollars? Seriously? Katelyn has the coolest tooth fairy in the world.