Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...the king of awkward quotes...

As a 'welcome home after 5 hours of being sold to someone else' present, I took Griffin and the kids to PetSmart today and did a little dog shopping. I bought her a new crate (smaller, so she won't pee in it, yay!), a new rope toy, a couple of tennis balls, a bunch of treats and some new shampoo because she's smelly. In return, we got home and as soon as I settled in with my Diet Coke I heard "Mommy! Oww! Griffin bit me in the penis!"... nice. Welcome home, dog. We love you, too!
I have to work tonight. It's my first night of three in a row and I'm hoping against hope that I get an easy enough team that I will have time to really get some chemistry homework done. Why didn't I already take Chemistry? I'm a nurse, am I not? Shouldn't this have already been required of me before pursuing a higher degree? Yuck. Laziness + Undiagnosed math learning disability = me putting off the entire class until I only have three weeks left to finish it all. I'm awesome under pressure, though. I'll get 'er done.
I have NINE work days left until vacation. We're going to Colorado, but because I happen to be a much bigger nerd than I let on I am making Patrick take me through the northern states mainly so I can see Mt. Rushmore. And because I feel sure there's tons of fun shit to do in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Right? So I am excited to get these next couple weeks out of the way. Of course, after we get back I won't have anything fun and exciting to count down to and I'll go back to dreading going into work every night. I need to plan at least a mini-vacation once a month to always keep myself excited!
Hunter just told me he's not my friend anymore and he wishes he didn't live with me because I told him to stop fighting with his sister. One minute he's threatening his own father's well being because he hugged me (because as we all should know, I'm "his girlfriend") and the next he can't stand to look at me. Men... I prefer it when I'm his girlfriend and he loves me... except for those times when he announces that he likes to make out with girls and someone says "Oh really? You're 5, who have you made out with?" and he says "My mom!". Yikes. No more Disney shows geared toward teenagers for him... and yes, I am fully expecting a call from CPS due to his Oedipus complex once he starts school and tells one of his teachers something off the wall like that...
That's all. I guess I should get in gear and get ready for work. If only I could get this vicious beast of a puppy to stop snoring on my leg and let me get something productive done...

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  1. I love hearing stories about Katelyn and Hunter, they are halarious! I think I have a math learning disability as well. Colorado sounds fun!!